Intent-Based Network Pioneer Partnering Around the World to Enable Self-Operating Networks to Transform Data Center Network Operations

MENLO PARK, CA and TOKYO– July 19, 2017 – Apstra, Inc., the pioneer in vendor-agnostic Intent-Based Networking has entered into a distribution agreement with Tokyo Electron Device (TED) to address the growing demand for Intent-Based Networking. CIOs today require data center network agility, increased availability and improved ROI as they ask their network engineers to deliver more, for less, and faster. Apstra has delivered the first and only vendor-agnostic, closed-loop, fully intent-based networking platform to answer this challenge. The Apstra Operating System (AOS) is generally available and the company is partnering with top system integrators, distributors and value-added solutions providers around the globe to address hyperscale and enterprise companies, and service providers.

Apstra, Inc. is honored to partner with Tokyo Electron Device (TED), a value-added market leader in quality, dependability and customer satisfaction,” said Mansour Karam, CEO and Founder of Apstra. “Japan is an important and strategic market to Apstra and TED has the industry knowledge, superior technical expertise and a track record of delivering the most innovative, strategic infrastructure offerings to ensure our customers are well-served. With TED as a strategic partner we are confident that Apstra customers in Japan will be able to quickly meet their critical business objectives and increase their business velocity as they address IoT, machine learning and digital transformation.”

Tokyo Electron Device (TED) is pleased to enter into a distribution agreement with Apstra Inc. to deliver their innovative vendor-agnostic Intent-Based Networking solutions to the Japanese market. TED has tremendous reach within Japan and will distribute the Apstra Operating System (AOS) to data center operators, service providers, and other targeted customer segments to decrease network outages and the total cost of operating a data center network,” said Akihiro Kamikogawa, President of CN Company Tokyo Electron Device.

According to Gartner, “By 2020, 10% of enterprises will use intent-driven network design and operation tools (an increase from 0% today), reducing their network outages by 65%.”1 Gartner also reported that “I&O leaders responsible for planning, sourcing and managing network infrastructure should: Set a strategy to look beyond just refresh cycles when making networking purchases, as products that increase network agility and/or improve network availability can provide positive ROI regardless of whether a refresh is required. Allocate future networking budget for IBNS, using improved network uptime as the funding driver.”2

Apstra was recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor for Enterprise Networking and a full Intent-Based Networking System (IBNS).

Apstra Operating System™
AOS automatically prevents and repairs network outages for dramatically improved infrastructure uptime. It operates a network as one system massively improving infrastructure agility while reducing operational expenses. AOS’ distributed data store is a repository of all intent, configuration, and telemetry state, hence acts as a single source of truth for your network. It’s self-documenting nature streamlines compliance tasks. AOS is device-agnostic and works across all major vendors as well as open alternatives.

1 Gartner 2017 Strategic Roadmap for Networking, 28 April 2017 ID: G00324263
2 Gartner Cool Vendors in Enterprise Networking, 2017 ID: G00326666

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About Apstra, Inc.
Apstra® is the pioneer in vendor-agnostic Intent-Based Networking to enable a Self-Operating Network™, a network that configures itself, fixes itself and defends itself. The company is redefining network operations and economics to make the network a CIO’s most valuable asset to address business velocity. The Apstra Operating System (AOS) provides the only vendor-agnostic, intent-based, closed-loop “command and control” system delivering agility and massive TCO savings through automation of network operations. Apstra is based in Menlo Park, California and is privately funded.
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