Vendor- Agnostic, Intent- Based Networking System Enables Self-Operating Network that Configures Itself, Fixes Itself, and Defends Itself

MENLO PARK, CA – May 3, 2017 – Network infrastructure today does not provide the agility, availability or economics to support business goals. As cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and digital strategies take hold, CIOs need a solution for the data center network to increase their business velocity and close the gap between application workloads and network service delivery. Apstra® Inc. is announcing today Apstra Operating System™ (AOS) 1.2 which delivers a turnkey “command and control” system that offers game-changing network service agility, increased uptime and dramatically improved infrastructure TCO.

“Finally, CIOs can have a vendor-agnostic, intent-based Self-Operating Network™ that runs without hand-holding to deliver network agility, increased availability, self-compliance and massively improved infrastructure economics,” said Mansour Karam, CEO and founder of Apstra, Inc. “Over 80% of a network engineer’s time today is wasted on manual operations which can be refocused on programming that contributes to a company’s bottom line. AOS 1.2 is a virtual ‘network expert’ that provides the deep insight and network extensibility to make your network your greatest asset.”

Apstra Operating System
AOS automatically prevents and repairs network outages for dramatically improved infrastructure uptime. It operates a network as one system, massively improving infrastructure agility while reducing operational expenses. AOS’ distributed data store is a repository of all intent, configuration, and telemetry state, hence it acts as a single source of truth for your network. It’s self-documenting nature streamlines compliance tasks. AOS is-device agnostic and works across all major vendors as well as open alternatives.

AOS 1.2 includes:

  • The ability to ask any question about your network – Full transparency into intent, the topology, the policies, all the telemetry, and how they relate.
  • Enhanced day-2 operations – In minutes, change any aspect of your intent after deployment, and stage intent changes for added agility and reliability.
  • Extensible everything – Customize every aspect of AOS including your intent model, tracked telemetry, vendor-specific device agents, API access to external systems e.g. asset management for total flexibility to programmatically customize the behavior of AOS.
  • Enhanced usability – Improved web interface including new topology views and a streamlined build process user experience.
  • Enterprise-class platform features – (1) Seamless AOS update: backup any snapshot of the AOS server, upgrade to new version, and ability to restore backup; and (2) HTTPS support.

AOS 1.2 will ship in May 2017.

According to Gartner, “By 2020, more than 1000 large enterprises will use intent-based networking systems in production, up from less than 25 today. Ideally, an intent-based system will be agnostic to vendors and network architectures. By 2020, only 30% of network operations teams will use the command line interface (CLI) as their primary interface, down from 85% at YE16.¹ Gartner also reported “We believe a full Intent-Based Networking System (IBNS) implementation can reduce network infrastructure delivery times to the business leaders by 50% to 90%, while simultaneously reducing the number and duration of outages by at least 50%.” ²

Apstra is recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor for Enterprise Networking and a full Intent-Based Networking System (IBNS).

Learn more in an AOS 1.2 blog by Mansour Karam, Apstra CEO and founder, or a deep dive blog by Sasha Ratkovic, Apstra CTO and founder, join a webinar, or request a demo.

See @ApstraInc at Cisco Live #CLUS17 or click here to view an IBNS demo or a video from Facebook Disaggregate or download white papers.

¹ Gartner Cool Vendors in Enterprise Networking, 2017 17 April 2017 ID: G00326666
² Gartner -Intent-Based Networking Systems, 07 February 2017 ID: G00323513

About Apstra, Inc.
Apstra® was founded to pioneer and enable the Self-Operating Network™ , a network that configures itself, fixes itself and defends itself. The company is redefining network operations and economics to make the network a CIO’s most valuable asset to address business velocity. The Apstra Operating System(AOS) provides the only vendor-agnostic, intent-based, closed-loop “command and control” system delivering agility and massive TCO savings through automation of network operations. Apstra is based in Menlo Park and is privately funded.
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